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Moana Meadow is an interfaith minister. She has been a birth doula, a hospice chaplain, and she considers herself a good witch. She works at the edges of life, death, earth and prayer to bring you to your own magic. She wants you to sing, play, and die well. And she can help you do that.

Moana Meadow


Moana believes each person is essentially whole and healing. The blocks that prevent our lives from flourishing are momentary obstacles that can be eased through with loving awareness.

Moana works with each client to discover their resources, strengths, and pathways to a richer, fuller life. This might happen in the form of one-on-one sessions in her Sebastopol studio, with clients sharing as they are guided deeper.

It might come in the form of a group ceremony, such as a Women’s Moon Series, a wedding or a funeral. Or it might happen in the form of a day-long or even weekend-long retreat, incorporating many kinds of work for deeper healing.

Each client chooses how deep they want to go, what they are ready for, and how they want to use Moana’s skills and resources. She works with you, keeping you safe and building a bond of trust to serve your deepest healing.


Moana Meadow was born in Hawaii to vagabond parents.  She rebelled by becoming a minister.  Nevertheless, her vagabond inheritance reveals itself as she weaves the sacred with the profane.

What does that mean? The grit and shadow of our lives—the loss, grief, fear, and shame—is as important and beautiful as the joy, love, peace, and bliss.  Learning to commit to both sides of life—the dark and the light—is the effort of being both spiritual and mortal.

Moana’s work has followed the arc of birth and death, marriage and betrayal.  She  honors the growth and truth that emerge from our full lives.  Moana lifts the veil so her clients can see their own strength in the face of trauma, grief and rage.  She continues to meet herself and her clients deeply in response to life’s unfolding.


  • Bachelor of Science
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Master of Arts
    Boston University
  • Master of Divinity
    Pacific School of Religion
  • Interfaith Ordination
    Chaplaincy Institute
  • Spiritual Director Certificate
    Chaplaincy Institute
  • Comprehensive Training
    Hakomi Institute of California
  • Center for Indigenous Lifeways Program
    Ancestral Voice


(510) 866-6898

Place of work is in Sebastopol, California.

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